Kraits are a genus of snakes which number among the world's deadliest in terms of the quantity of venom needed to kill a human. There are fourteen species of krait, found in South East Asia and in South Asia. The feed on other snakes, including members of their own species.

Three species of krait are known from Sumatra. These are Bungarus candidus, the Malayan krait or blue krait, Bungarus flaviceps, the red-headed krait, and Bungarus fasciatus, the banded krait.

Kraits are nocturnal, feeding at night and in the early morning. Untreated krait bites are usually deadly, however bites by the red-headed krait are rare to unknown. The Malayan krait and banded krait are dangerous at night, when they are far more likely to strike.

Red-headed krait at Bukit Lawang at night

Red-head krait in morning at Bukit Lawang: