Trek, Accommodation and Transportation booking service

We offer online booking for treks, transport and accommodation. You can book these by clicking on the 'book' or 'view' links on each trek below. If you wish to add transport (by private car) and/or accommodation to your trek booking then you can do so during the booking process. We do not charge for hotel bookings - you just pay the hotel at their normal rate. Please check our accommodation pages for info on rooms and guesthouses.

We recommend booking your trek in advance, so that you are guaranteed a professional guide, and can advise guides (some unlicensed/disreputable) who operate in the village, that you have already booked a trek.

When booking a trek, please advise us of any special requirements (e.g., vegetarian), or if you have a particular interest in certain aspects of jungle flora/fauna, or if you are older or have children and need arrangements made to cater for this.

Prices are based on a minimum of two people travelling (single travellers can still book, but if there are no others booked on your day you will have to pay for two). We can take online bookings up to 2 days before travel. If the booking is sooner than this, you can email us at [email protected], however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil your request at such short notice. You can also contact us by telephone/Whatsapp at +62 821 6248 1207.

National Park entrance fees/'Permit'

New National Park entrance fees were introduced across Indonesia in 2014. The official entrance fee for 'Group 3' national parks, of which Gunung Leuser National Park is one, is 150,000 rupiah per day for foreigners, 5,000rp per day for domestic tourists. This caused some disagreement in Bukit Lawang as well as in other areas. 

Until November 2016, the entrance ticket was mostly not paid by guests visiting Bukit Lawang. Since this time, following enforcement action by the national park authorities, visitors are now being required to pay. However, the amount requested by the park authorities at Bukit Lawang is only 150,000 rupiah per trip of any number of days, not per day, so this reduces costs for longer trips. The money is for entering the national park, and goes directly to the national park authorities, not to the guide or trekking company. Our trekking charges are inclusive of the entrance fee.


Half Day Orangutan Trek

£47.00 per person Book Now!

A trek in Gunung Leuser National Park at Bukit Lawang, we have half a day - normally three to four hours - to look for Sumatran Orangutans and other wildlife. Full details

One Day Orangutan Trek

£60.00 per person Book Now!

A trek in Gunung Leuser National Park at Bukit Lawang, with a full day to spend we have a good chance of seeing Sumatran Orangutans. We will also see diverse other species of jungle flora and fauna. We return to Bukit Lawang by river rafting. Full details

Two Day Orangutan Trek

£100.00 per person Book Now!

Our most popular trek, you will trek in world-famous Gunung Leuser National Park at Bukit Lawang in search of the Sumatran Orangutan. We will also have an eye for the unrivalled diversity of other wildlife, including birds, reptiles, mammals, butterflies, amphibians, flowers, and trees. This trek lasts two days – you will sleep one night in a jungle camp, and enjoy dinner under the stars. On the second day you will return to Bukit Lawang either on our ‘jungle raft’ down the river, or by walking. Full details

Three Day Orangutan Trek

£145.00 per person Book Now!

Our three-day trek adds another day and night in the jungle to our two-day trek. Goals in terms of spotting wildlife are similar - we should see orangutans along with many other species of mammals, but with an extra day in the jungle we will sleep at two different jungle camps and cover more areas of the jungle to see more and different wildlife from a two-day trek. Full details

Four Day Mini Survival Trek

£210.00 per person Book Now!

Our four-day Mini Survival trek is a trek where you start to LIVE the jungle. Of course, as with the shorter treks you will see orangutans and other wildlife species, but on this trek we start to live and think like 'orang utans' - people of the jungle, and we gather our food in the jungle, such as wild ferns, fish and more. Compared with the three-day trek we go just a little further up the course of the Bohorok, but the main difference is that we are now spending several days sleeping in the humid tropical jungle, so we have a little more time to appreciate that. Full details

Five Day Mount Uning watering hole expedition

£270.00 per person Book Now!

Our Uning expedition takes five days. Here we visit Mount Uning (908 metres elevation - start elevation around 100 metres), where we find a mineral deposit/watering hole visited by many wild animals, including tigers and elephants. On the way we will pass through the main orangutan watching areas. On our outbound we head south west towards Mount Uning, and then we return to the north east to the Bohorok river, where we will complete the trip by inner tube back to the village. Full details

Seven Day Trek to Kutacane

£450.00 per person Book Now!

This strenuous trek takes you on foot from Bukit Lawang across the Bukit Barisan mountain range to Kutacane, the main town in the centre of the Gunung Leuser national park, just a few km south of the orangutan sanctuary at Ketambe. Full details