Wisma Leuser Sibayak

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Wisma Leuser Sibayak is a popular guesthouse aimed at low to mid-budget travellers. It is located directly across the bridge from the main entrance to Bukit Lawang.

They have a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and drinks (beer!) until the last guest goes to bed, which is typically 10pm or so.

They have a a central location, with a large number of rooms - usually can accommodate you, though perhaps only in a standard room, and low rates. 

The room rates are quite low, and there is a good swimming location on the stony beach next to the guesthouse.


DSC01251 DSC00032
Garden, Wisma Leuser Sibayak Beach, alongside Wisma Leuser Sibayak


All rooms have double beds, fan, outside patio/sitting area, and en suite bathroom with sit-down toilet. Generally only the modern rooms have functioning showers (otherwise use the supplied bucket from the 'mandi') and flush toilets (again, flush using the bucket from mandi).

Extra beds (single mattresses on the floor) are priced at 50,000 rupiah a night - generally a second room is better value.


Priced at 150,000 rupiah, these rooms were recently refurbished and now have Western bathrooms with shower, toilet and wash bashin.

Standard room, bedroom Standard room, bathroom


Bungalows are priced at 250,000 rupiah, these are 4 individual bungalows on their own, they are larger than standard rooms, and also a good deal quieter. Best choice for families (subject to extra bed).
The bathrooms were were refurbished in 2014 (pictures below prior to renovation).

DSC01257 DSC01252 DSC01256
Family room, front door Family room, inside Family room, bathroom

Modern room, cold shower

These rooms are priced at 250,000rp. They are smaller than the bungalows, but better furnished. There are four of these rooms.

DSC01258 DSC01259 DSC01260
Modern room (cold shower), outside Modern room (cold shower), bedroom Modern room (cold shower), bathroom

Modern room, hot shower

These rooms are located upstairs from the cold shower rooms. There are 4 rooms in this block. The price is 350,000rp per night. The rooms are very similar to the cold shower rooms, but the bathroom here is a little nicer and has hot water.

DSC01264 DSC01265
Modern room (hot shower), bedroom Modern room (hot shower), bathroom