Bukit Lawang Indah

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Bukit Lawang Indah is the most popular budget/backpacker guesthouse in Bukit Lawang.

They have a convenient location, located close to the village entrance, across the river. Their restaurant serves good food, and in the evenings there are often gatherings of guides and guests playing guitar, every night until around 1am. Guests looking for an early night should be aware of this fact!

Many of the rooms (around 30 in total) are old, and generally not in good condition, but of a reasonable size, and cheaply priced. However, some rooms have been refurbished recently and are more expensive.

There are three room types, both essentially the same inside: 

  • standard (double bed), at 70,000 rp/night
  • refurbished quad room, at 200,000rp/night
  • refurbished double room at 150,000rp/night

Rooms have fan, en suite bathroom and patio with sitting area.

DSC01268 DSC01271
Restaurant, Bukit Lawang Indah Room, Bukit Lawang Indah
DSC01269 DSC01270
Old room (unrefurbished), Bukit Lawang Indah Standard bathroom, Bukit Lawang Indah