Mboy Guesthouse

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Mboy is a small guesthouse on the right bank of the Bohorok river, around two third of the way up to the orangutan feeding centre - 20 minutes walk.

There is a small restaurant at the river's edge.



Rooms have flush toilet, shower, sink but no fan. There are six rooms in total

Riverside - 150,000 rp (1 room) and 200,000rp (2 rooms)

Rear block - 100,000rp (2 rooms) and 120,000rp (1 room).

DSC01313 DSC01314
200,000rp room, bedroom 200,000rp room, bathroom
DSC01318 DSC01319 DSC01321
150,000rp room, bedroom 150,000rp room, balcony 150,000rp room, bathroom

100,000rp rooms.